Wax Carving Demo Print


This is how we sculpted a wax mold from scratch for a ring. This ring started with only a stone and an idea.


Creating a wax from scratch requires many detailed measurements. Any wrong measurement can cost hours of time. For this project we started by measuring the stone that we wished to create the ring for.


After double checking our measurements, we cut enough wax to fit the stone from a basic jewelry wax block.

Next, we sized the ring to our clients finger, and trimmed the excess wax to fit their thickness requirements.

After we trimmed down the wax, we filed it smooth and double checked to make sure it had the proper dimensions. This gave us our basic ring shape.


Next, we centered the stone. Do do this we first created a 2 x 2 grid on the top of the ring using very precise measurements so we knew where dead center was.


Next, we marked the edges of the stone and etched a box that estimated the stone size.


After we had our measurements for stone depth and size, we began to sculpt out the stone setting.



Periodically we checked to see how the stone fit and where we needed to sculpt more.


After we had our stone setting, we etched the center lines on each side of the wax mold so that while we sculpted the ring it retained symmetry.



Here we carved down each side of the ring so that the stone became the high point.



Next, we filed down the base of the ring until it attained the proper width.



After we had shaped the ring, we added the final details starting by etching the final styling into the sides of the ring. This particular design had a V split.



After marking the design identically on both sides of the ring, we cut out the split to approximate the proper shape and then used our fine detail tools to finish it.


Finally, we took some measurements of the ring to make sure it fit our design specifications. At this point we brought the customer in to the shop and and showed them the wax. They loved how it came out, but if they hadn't we would have modified the design until they were satisfied.


Here are some final views of the wax.



Here is the Finished Ring.