An Example of Antique Reproduction Print


This was an interesting case. The client came to us with an antique, intricately filigreed, three-stone engagement ring.Two of the stones had fallen out and the ring was far too fragile to repair. After discussing it with the clients, everyone agreed that we would completely remake the ring.



The first thing we did was create a basic shape, an outline of the ring to give us a starting point. Then we etched this outline into a piece of platinum.


Next, we began to work on creating the wax mold. We etched the basic shape, of the ring, into the block of wax. Then we began sculpting the three-dimensional shape of the ring into the wax. During this process, we periodically pressed a piece of clay into the wax mold. This allowed us to check the shape, to see if it was uniform and locate areas that needed more sculpting.



We also verified our progress by checking the wax against the antique ring to ensure that our design was on target.


After carving the wax mold into the proper shape, we tested out the mold with two pieces of copper. We cut the pieces of copper out to match our basic shape and used a press to push the copper into the wax mold. We then compared the two halves of the copper against the original antique ring and verified that we did have a very close shape match.



Since we had verified the wax mold was the correct shape, we could start constructing the actual ring. We created the basic shape out of two pieces of platinum and used the press to push the platinum into the wax mold.



We carved out the mounts for each of the diamonds.



Then we began the delicate filigree work that was necessary to make this reproduction ring look like the original. We kept the original ring close by to allow us regularly check our progress against the original, ensuring that the two rings were as similar as possible.


Once we completed all of the filigree work, we put our two halves together and ensured that the piece looked like we wanted it too.


After the filigree was completed and the pieces verified, it was time to join the two halves of this ring. We used a specialized jewelry torch to heat the base of the ring and solder the two halves together.


Finally, we set the diamonds into the new ring.



And we had a finished product.